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Yasmin at her BMus degree graduation, Manchester

The purpose of art is the lifelong construction of a state of wonder.

Glenn Gould

Music is a more potent instrument than any other for education, because rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul.



   Bachelor of Music, First Class Honours, RNCM (2011)

   Master of Music, Distinction, RNCM (2013)

   Postgraduate International Artist Diploma in Solo Performance, RNCM (2014)

Music Schools and Colleges

  Regis School of Music (1997-2001)

  Royal College of Music, Junior Department

  Royal Academy of Music, Junior Academy

  Chethams School of Music (2005-2007)

  Royal Northern College of Music (2007-2014)


  Stephen Savage

  Murray McLachlan

  Bernard Roberts

  Yonty Solomon

  Patsy Toh

  Alexandra Andrievsky

  Nina Levtov

  Soheila Rowe (Yasmin’s Mum)


  Boris Berman
“The performer must strive to
understand the composer’s intentions.”

  Imogen Cooper
“It’s blood, sweat and tears.”

  Peter Donohoe
“It’s important to have something to strive for that is only attainable very rarely.”

  Alicja Fiderkiewicz
“We can work on improving sound production and depth without endless technical work!”

  Andrei Gavrilov
“Playing the piano means sharing love.”

  John McCabe
“I think it’s the relationship, the dialogue,
between the individual and the collective.”

  Noriko Ogawa
“We have to believe in ourselves, our ears,
our musicianship and our senses.”

  Artur Pizarro
“Whatever life throws at you, smile,
be polite, be grateful and mean it!”

  Michael Roll
“Try to recreate these great composers’
works with something fresh to say.”

   Kathryn Stott
“Let’s not forget that all music has been
contemporary at some stage or another.”

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