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In June 2018, Yelian and Yasmin teamed up with the saxophonist and conductor Joseph Lallo to create Collide.  Here’s an extract from what Joseph said about the birth of Collide in an interview for CutCommon, the independently run Australian classical and new music magazine:

“For a long time, it’s been a secret dream of mine to perform in a trio with cello and piano. I saw Yelian and Yasmin in concert about a year ago. I was blown away. They are so joyous when they perform, it’s infectious.

When we started talking about the idea of Collide, we realised we shared a common idea of what performing is about, and a love of so many different styles of music.

We want to play exciting music. I guess the name says it all – it’s a collision of styles, colours, sound and ideas.

There are many composers we adore, and numerous works we want to play. It’s as if we’re on an adventure to discover whether the original visions of composers such as Bach, Haydn, Beethoven and Mozart could be just as appropriate with our sound.

It’s just the beginning for us; we have a program in late September entirely of music from living Australian composers. It’s wonderful to create with them and have them as an integral part of our interpretive process.

We will put all our energy, concentration and expression into performing this music.”

“If life was a piano light and darkness would be the keys. And shadows would be the melody that creates the harmony.”

Joe Rodriguez

Titan Tango by Kenya Wilkins

Rung by Adam Caird

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