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Yasmin Rowe and Yelian He decided to create the classical Cello Piano Duo ‘Y-Squared’ in 2008. Eight years on, they have performed for a great many people in beautiful venues around the world; they’ve had quite the adventure!

In 2014 they won the Grand Finals of the Australian Cello Awards Competition, in 2009 the Royal Overseas League String Competition and awards such as the Tunnell Trust, Kirckman Concert Society and the City Music Foundation.

After nine fantastic years in the UK, Yasmin and Yelian were excited to announce that they had decided to move to Melbourne, Australia in 2017. But there are so many people back in the UK that mean a lot to them so they won’t be staying away too long.

They both see this as an opportunity to be travelling regularly from one end of the world to the other, playing together in many concert halls in many countries

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