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If we haven’t already met, perhaps we will someday soon. I love talking to people after playing, so please do feel free to come and say hello. Until then, let me try to explain what I think this is all about.

Almost since I started playing, I have pursued the ‘special sound’ that can be made on a piano. It can be extremely elusive! I often hear it in my head but the challenge is to make it heard in the hall.

It’s almost impossible to describe what the ‘special sound’ is but I know it instantly when I hear musicians make it. I think it is much more to do with connection and emotion than it is with the physics of the hammers hitting the strings. It is when everything clicks into place and you hear the music speak across the years, connecting you with the minds, passions and inspiration of the people who created it.

It’s like an awakening. It’s a great adventure, but it needs all three of us. You, the composer and me. We’re in this together!

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Where words fail, music speaks.   – Hans Christian Andersen

You may have been transfixed the first time you heard a particular piece or performance, so much so that it is now an integral part of who you are. This is all to do with the extraordinary power of music to attend to our needs. It’s been said before, and I hope it isn’t too much of a cliché, but music soothes, heals, moves, inspires, consoles and unites. It communicates through time and space, across centuries and cultures. Amazingly it can quite literally rewire your brain.

We’re lucky to live when we do. So many composers had such hard lives, both mentally and physically. Perhaps the most famous example is Beethoven who wrote some of his greatest work when he went deaf. He and many others rose above their difficulties through the power of music, and their gift is that you can make their journeys your own by immersing yourself in their incredible legacy.

Life can be difficult, but it can also be amazing. It’s a narrative and while words are wonderful, music can go even deeper. Creating, performing and listening to music can tip us just a little bit more towards the light.

OK, that’s the serious stuff. I believe in having fun as well, so I’ve let a little craziness seep into my social media and the nooks and crannies of this website. Have a look around and have a laugh with me too.

The piano keys are black and white but they sound like a million colours in your mind.   – Maria Cristina Mena

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